Biden-Harris Shatter Fundraising Numbers In August, But Trump Hasn’t Released His Data Yet

(ConservativeUnit)-August was a huge month for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, his campaign announced that joint fundraising efforts between his campaign and the Democratic National Committee brought in $364.5 million in August alone. That number destroyed previous records for one month.

The previous one-month record, according to reports, was the almost $200 million former President Barack Obama

In just the 48 hours after California Senator Kamala Harris was named Biden’s running mate, the pair brought in $48 million in donations.

According to Biden’s campaign, more than half of the donations came from online campaigns. More than 1.5 million Americans contributed to the campaign for the first time in August, and most of the donations would be categorized as smaller.

In a statement, Biden said:

“More than anything, these numbers humble me. Even in a global recession, working families set aside some money to power this campaign, and a little bit added up in a big way.”

President Donald Trump’s campaign hasn’t announced its fundraising numbers for the month of August just yet. He and Republicans did outraise Biden in July, though, with $165 million raised that month compared to the Democrats’ $140 million.

Biden’s campaign said it was stepping up its outreach efforts with the money they had raised. On Tuesday, the campaign said it was “continuing to ramp up its general election paid media spending, investing $45 million on broadcast and digital this week alone.”

Following the announcement by the Biden campaign regarding its record-breaking numbers, the Trump re-election campaign reached out to supporters, urging them via email to donate.

In an email, Trump told supporters that, “I need you right now.”

In that email, he also claimed the Democrats’ donations were fueled by liberal media donors who are “funneling money to their candidates at an alarming rate to try and take us down.”

The email further stated:

“I’ll never be intimidated by these Radical Socialists and their dirty MEGA DONOR MONEY, but I can’t ignore that $350,000,000 in ONE MONTH is a massive amount of cash.”

The Trump campaign is hoping to actually use the Biden campaign fundraising announcement as an impetus to have his supporters step up to the plate to support him and vice president Mike Pence financially. Of course, it’s still possible that the Trump campaign could break the Biden-Kamala Harris August record once they release their numbers of the month.

This is the time in the election cycle when the push for more fundraising will speed up significantly. There are just about two months until the November 3 presidential election, and time is ticking away for both campaigns to convince undecided voters to come to their side.

National polling is showing that the race may be quite close, which may end up resulting in even more fundraising efforts shattered in these final two months. Tight elections typically attract more donor dollars, as the spend — specifically as it relates to media campaigns — is very important.