Biden Pushes INCORRECT Military COVID Numbers

( During a rate speaking event on Wednesday, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden pushed false military coronavirus numbers. The former vice president was speaking in Michigan, with a teleprompter as you’d expect, and claimed that thousands of U.S. soldiers had been killed by the virus.

The truth? Fewer than 10 American soldiers have died of COVID-19 so far.

But Trump’s the liar, RIGHT?

“Military COVID infection, 118,984,” Biden claimed while reading off a piece of paper. “Military COVID deaths, 6,114.”


The numbers show that as of September 10, 2020, the number of American military personnel who have died from the virus stands at seven. The number of soldiers infected by the virus if 40,026.

So what went wrong? Well, it could be that Joe Biden is struggling to read the notes in front of him from failing eyesight, or his cognitive abilities really are not what they once were. Photographs taken during the event appear to show that the card he was reading from said, “MI COVID Infected: 118,984. MI COVID Deaths: 6,814.”

What Biden doesn’t seem to understand is that MI is an abbreviation for Michigan, the state he was in, and not an abbreviation of “military.” Given the former vice president’s regularly gaffes, in which he got the name of the state and city he was in at the time wrong, it’s also entirely possible that he forgot he was in Michigan.

Later that day, Fox News reported that the Biden campaign confirmed that Biden misread the information put in front of him.

“Vice President Biden has the utmost respect for the men and women of the armed services and believes it’s the sacred duty of our country to properly equip them, look after their families when they’re deployed, and care for them when they return,” Biden’s spokesperson Michael Gwin said to Fox. “To honor their service, the Vice President carries with him each day a card detailing the number of Americans who have given their lives for our country in Iraq and Afghanistan, and frequently cites that number to recognize their sacrifice.”

That’s a convenient way of saying “Biden needs to be reminded of everything because he forgets it.”

The card Biden was seen reading from did show the number of American servicemen who have been killed in Afghanistan – a war that the Obama/Biden administration promised to end but didn’t. However, the numbers were very clearly marked without abbreviations.

So why does Biden keep getting simple things like this so wrong?