Biden Reportedly Considering “Never Trump” Republicans For Cabinet Positions

( Politico reports that Joe Biden and his campaign are considering Never Trump Republicans for Cabinet positions in preparation for a November 3 win. The outlet claims that the Biden campaign is aware that support from the anti-Trump Republicans has been one of the biggest assets of his campaign, allowing him to close the gap in key states.

Biden is reportedly being pushed to include more Republicans in his Cabinet, worrying radical progressives in his campaign.

It would fly in the face of Biden’s willingness to capitulate to the extremist demands of the likes of Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. The two famously socialist Democratic legislators successfully got the Biden campaign on board with the “Green New Deal,” which is described on the Biden campaign website as a “framework.” The plan, if implemented, could cost as much as $100 trillion and cripple the airline industry.

Politico reports that most of the Republicans being considered for Cabinet position are from the “Never Trump” movement. They reportedly include former Governor of Ohio John Kasich and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman. The two Republicans also appeared at the Democratic National Convention earlier this year.

Former Senator Jeff Flake and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker have also been discussed.

The Biden campaign did not provide comment on the reports but did say that they believe “diversity of ideology and background” would be a core value in their transition, should Biden win in November.

Such a month would be likely to set off a battle between the radical progressives in the party who are not accepting of Republicans, regardless of whether they opposed the president.

Radical progressives are already planning to stop the appointment of capitalists and Republicans to a possible Biden cabinet.

Politico reported how a prominent progressive said that their primary focus is ensuring the appointment of people to his Cabinet who would “push back against corporate power and support a massive economic stimulus and the broad provision of health care.”

“Unfortunately, there are no prominent Republicans I know of who are on board with the agenda,” the source said to the media outlet.

Biden has long been considered a moderate, but sold out on his principles during the Democratic primaries to win the nomination. His campaign has the support of some of the most radical socialists to have ever been elected to office on a Democrat ticket.