Black Ohio Democratic State Rep ENDORSES President Donald Trump, Rejects Far-Left Extremism

( Democratic Ohio state representative Bernadine Kennedy Kent, who represents the 25th District of Columbus, announced on Tuesday that she was rejecting the Democrats and far-left extremism and would endorse President Donald Trump for re-election.

“Today, following in the bold first step of Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones, I am both honored and humbled to be the second Democrat State  Representatives to publicly announce my endorsement of President Donald J. Trump,” she wrote.

Kennedy Kent, a black American woman, assumed office in 2016. She described how President Donald Trump’s commitment to helping Black Americans played a part in her decision to endorse him. She claimed that, from her perspective as a lawmaker who spent a lifetime as a teacher and a child advocate, she admires the president’s commitment to law and order and respect for the United States Constitution.

“His strong leadership and willingness to fight for educational and economic empowerment for minorities has brought unprecedented hope to the American people,” she said.

“President Trump has provided a record number of Black Americans with a real shot at the American dream,” she added, referencing how President Donald Trump reduced black unemployment to record lows before the Chinese coronavirus hit the country. Kent also explicitly referenced the president’s track record reducing the black poverty level to its lowest level in history.

“A large part of this success is due to President Trump’s willingness to listen to the ideas of Senator Tim Scott and the concerns of invested citizens from diverse communities in economic distress,” she added. “This effort produced a ground-breaking solution called ‘Opportunity Zones,’ a way to create jobs and spur investment in disadvantaged communities.”

Kent also described Joe Biden’s rhetoric as “divisive” and slammed him for his “promotion of mass incarceration” and the “disrespectful, insensitive ideologies that substantiates his infamous comment ‘if you’re still deciding between me and Trump, then you ain’t Black.’”

Kent is not seeking re-election, so the inevitable onslaught of attacks against her mean a little less. Vernon Jones, the Democratic Georgia State Representative who was smeared and attacked by members of his own party, committed to serving the rest of his term despite calls for his resignation. Jones was even brave enough to speak at the Republican National Convention.

Jones was then threatened and harassed by far-left protesters.

Let’s hope that Bernadine Kennedy Kent doesn’t receive the same treatment for speaking out against the Democrats!