ELECTION: Mike Bloomberg WASTED Over $100 Million In Texas, Ohio, And Florida

(ConservativeUnit.com)- Even before a winner of the presidential election was called, it was clear that failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg wasted $100 million of his own cash trying to secure Democrat victories in Texas, Ohio, and Florida.

Bloomberg reportedly spent $100 million to help flip Florida to the Democrats, saying in mid-September that the last-minute buy was in response to polls showing the race tightening in the state.

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump was quickly declared the winner of the state, winning the state by several hundreds of thousands of votes thanks to skyrocketing Hispanic support for his Republican campaign. President Trump received 51.2% of the vote compared to Biden’s 47.8%.

In a press release, Bloomberg explained that he was spending the cash on “communicating with Hispanic voters” which he called a “key part” of the effort.

It failed.

NBC News reported on Wednesday how President Donald Trump successfully mobilized the Hispanic vote, despite far-left media outlets and pundits calling the president racist for four years. The outlet reported that 55% of the Cuban-American vote in Florida went to the president, with 30% of Puerto Ricans backing him and 48% of “other” Latinos supporting him too.

Despite Bloomberg’s best efforts, Hispanic voters thought for themselves and chose to vote for President Donald Trump instead of the Democratic candidate.

Specifically, President Donald Trump saw massive support among Hispanics in Miami-Dade County. The president took over 529,000 votes from Hispanic voters in the county this year, up from the 333,999 he received in 2016. It shows that the president not only held on to voters, the attacks from Democrats claiming the president is a racist had the opposite to their intended effect.

Bloomberg’s efforts in Texas were a failure, too. The media mogul spent $15 million in Texas and Ohio in last-minute ad campaigns.

The New York Times reported how one of Bloomberg’s closest aides, Howard Wolfson, said that he had been asked to run a round of polls to see where the president’s biggest vulnerabilities are. His team determined that the president was weakest in Texas and Ohio.

President Donald Trump won by huge margins in Ohio, with 53.4% to Biden’s 45.2%. In Texas, President Trump took 52.3% to Biden’s 46.3%.

Bloomberg wasted a lot of money.