Florida AG Refers Michael Bloomberg To FBI After Pledging To Pay Felons’ Fines In Exchange For Votes

(ConservativeUnit.com)- Billionaire media mogul Michael Bloomberg, after failing to become the Democratic presidential nominee, has repeatedly pledged huge sums of money to help the Democrats beat President Donald Trump in November. Now his latest plan, which involves paying felons’ fines in Florida so that they are eligible to vote, could potentially result in a criminal trial.

Reports suggest that Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody sent a letter to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and FBI requesting they initiate a criminal investigation into reports that Michael Bloomberg has raised over $16 million to pay for convicted felons’ debts in the hope that they would use their right to vote to support the Democratic nominee.

CBS 12 reports that the letter explains how Moody’s office reviewed Bloomberg’s pledge to pay for felons’ debts and considers it a potential breach of Florida’s state that bans candidates or activists paying for votes. Moody referenced a finding from the Florida Department of State that “even an otherwise innocuous offering of an incentive simply to vote can run afoul of state election law.”

And raising $16 million to pay for felons to regain their voting rights is a little more than innocuous.

The Washington Post reports this week that Bloomberg had the cash to pay for almost 32,000 Black and Hispanic Florida voters’ debt. The effort is specifically focused on non-white felons, with the only possible explanation being that Bloomberg believes they will be more likely to vote for Biden in November.

That’s precisely what the Post reported. The outlet suggests Bloomberg’s advisers identified that non-white felons in Florida may be more likely to vote Democrat.

This isn’t some kind of big conspiracy, either. A Bloomberg adviser admitted to The Washington Post that paying off those fines “immediately activates tens of thousands of voters who are predisposed to vote for Joe Biden.”

The suggestion immediately proves that the intention is to pay for people to go out and vote for Joe Biden in November, which as Attorney General Moody’s letter explains, could be considered an incentive.

“Even other innocuous offering of an incentive simply to vote could run afoul of section 104.045 or section 104.061, or both, depending upon the circumstances involved. That is, incentives could be offered to a voter in a way that would be designed to directly or indirectly cause the voter or a larger group of voters to vote in a particular manner,” the letter explains.

“In such a case, the person giving the incentive could be guilty of violating section 104.061, Florida Statutes, which makes it illegal to ‘directly or indirectly give or promise anything of value to another in casting his or her vote.”

Moody was joined by Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida who called for an investigation into the matter.

“This is a specific inducement, to a specific segment of voters, to get them to vote a certain way, and I think it could be a crime,” he told Fox News.

Could Bloomberg really get away with this?