Four Times Mail-In Voting Resulted In Chaos Fraud…Internationally!

( While Democrats have yet to successfully force universal mail-in voting for the whole country, many states are set to print and distribute millions of ballots to people who didn’t even request them. In Pennsylvania, the state’s Supreme Court voted to allow the counting of ballots to continue three days after the election, meaning the results of the 2020 presidential election could be delayed by days, weeks, or months…and could result in legal challenges.

Democrats argue that mail-in voting will not lead to widespread fraud and abuse, citing the fact that widespread abuse has not yet happened. What they fail to recognize, however, is that widespread postal voting has never been done in the United States…and when it has been done locally, it has resulted in fraud.

The system is so bad it even results in fraud overseas!

  1. 2020 Democrat Primaries in Pennsylvania

During the Democrat primary vote in Pennsylvania in 2020, the party’s vote-counting system was overloaded when millions of people were sent no-excuse absentee ballots. It resulted in weeks of delays and uncertainty over who won in the state.

It followed a last-minute order signed by Democrat Governor Tom Wolf that allowed any ballot postmarked by June 2 that arrived before June 9 to be counted – meaning ballots that arrived late were counted and threw the whole process into the air.

Can you imagine if we’re waiting on the presidential election results from Pennsylvania for weeks? Chaos!

  1. Dead Colorado Residents Keep On Voting

In Colorado, dead people can’t stop voting. A report from Denver found several incidents spanning many years in which dead people were voting in the state – meaning, of course, that people were illegally using ballots that were sent out as a result of outdated voter rolls.

In 2006, a World War II veteran (deceased) named John Grosso voted in a primary election, and in 201, 2011,2012, and 2013, a woman who died in 2009 named Sara Sosa cast ballots. Sosa’s husband, Miguel, also cast a ballot a year after he died in 2009.

  1. British Postal Vote Fraud in Birmingham

Postal voting is common in the United Kingdom. It’s the same as absentee voting, but it is more widespread as anybody can apply for one without giving a valid reason why. It results in certain political parties – usually left-wing – encouraging as many people as possible to apply for them and then mobilizing the people they know who have obtained ballots through the mail.

In 2005, a judge ruled that there was widespread fraud in a Birmingham election and called for new elections to take place. Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey QC upheld allegations of mail-in voter fraud relating to six council seats won by the left-wing Labour Party in 2004. Mawrey said there was evidence of “massive, systematic and organized fraud.”

  1. Double-Voting in California Primary

And finally, in California, Secretary of State Alex Padilla confirmed in April 2020 that double-voting took place in a Super Tuesday primary on March 3. It followed a letter sent to Padilla from the Election Integrity Project asking that he look into the possibility of double voting in the primary elections.

A month later, Padilla confirmed that a case of double-voting did occur in the mail-in election, and several other non-confirmed but suspected cases also took place. He said that in at least one case, two ballots were “opened and counted” from one person on election night.

These are just four instances. There are hundreds more, and it happens globally. So what would happen if the Democrats succeeded in sending a mail-in ballot to every person – alive or dead – in the country?