Franklin Graham Calls Out Emanual Cleaver For Saying “A-woman” Instead Of “Amen”

( Following an extremely cringe-worthy attempt at making prayer “gender neutral,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver ended a multi-faith prayer during the opening of the 117th Congress by saying “Amen and a women.”

No, that isn’t a joke. That’s exactly what he said. Take a look.

The video instantly went viral with people taking to Twitter to tell Rep. Cleaver that “amen” didn’t mean what he thought it meant.

On Facebook, the famous Protestant evangelist and charity worker explained where Rep. Cleaver went work.

“I suppose he was trying to use this time of prayer to make a political statement about equality or gender issues that are on the table,” he said. “Sadly, this is where we are today. Not a great start for 2021. The word ‘Amen’ simply means ‘So be it,’ and that’s why it is said at the end of prayers.”


“It has nothing to do with gender,” he reminded the Democratic congressman. “Regrettably, even prayer is no longer sacred to some in our halls of Congress. One thing is obvious-we need more of it. Amen!” he added.

The use of the term “a women” appears top have been used to kick off a new push in Congress by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others to remove “gendered language.” The protocols will remove any reference to biological sex during Congressional business, presumably to make far-left members feel more comfortable.

It’s a policy so insane that even some Democrats have come forward about it, including former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard who objected to the idea during an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“It’s the height of hypocrisy for people who claim to be the champions of rights for women to deny the very biological existence of women,” she said.

While Congress tries to erase any evidence that biological sex exists, at least we have preachers like Franklin Graham speaking out when members of Congress try and erase important foundations of prayer and Christianity.

But should he need to teach a member of Congress something so basic?