Has ‘Cancel Culture’ Gone Too Far This Time?

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One study shows that 64 percent of consumers will buy or boycott a brand over its perceived position on a social or political issue. “Cancel culture,” which has left companies, careers, reputations and lives in tatters over real or imagined offenses and the lifting of moral outrage to a central position in the public discourse, has become a political weapon in the hands of Democrats and Republicans alike. We will discuss the implications of this “cancel culture” with attorney and media analyst Lionel of Lionel Media. (7:45) But first we’ll hear from Sam Sorbo, author and wife of actor Kevin Sorbo, who saw 500 thousand fans purged from his official page with no explanation from Facebook. (1:11) Later, we’ll hear from “Boom Bust” co-host and investigative journalist Ben Swann about Facebook’s ominous decision to restrict the spread of news on its site in Australia (12:32) before asking former Georgia state Rep. Dee Dawkins Haigler and conservative author and talk show host Steve Gruber about the merits and dangers of “cancel culture.” (18:06)