Leadership: Pakistani PM Says Trump Is PUSHING Him To Recognize Israel

(ConservativeUnit.com)- Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan this week said in an interview that President Donald Trump is pushing his country to take the huge step of recognizing the Jewish State of Israel. The move comes after the president’s administration successfully brokered peace agreements between Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Sudan.

Pakistan is an extremely religious Islamic country, and Prime Minister Khan an Islamist, which makes the task of getting its government to recognize Israel particularly difficult. But President Trump is trying. Khan has previously espoused anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, including claiming that Jews run the “global media.”

On Monday, Middle East Eye reported how Prime Minister Khan said other states were joining the United States in pressuring his country to formalize normal diplomatic relations with Israel. If true, it would mean that when President Donald Trump predicted that many more countries could come forward and agree to a peace deal, he may have been talking about Pakistan.

According to the Express Tribune in Pakistan, the pressure comes as a result of “Israel’s deep influence in the U.S.”

While it is clear that President Donald Trump is putting pressure on Khan, the Islamist Prime Minister said that so far no progress has been made in convincing him to recognize the country.

“I have no second thought to recognize Israel unless there is a just settlement which satisfies Palestinians,” he said, suggesting that a peace deal won’t happen unless Israel concedes to Islamists in Palestine who want to destroy Israel.

Khan also offered some comments on a possible relationship with Joe Biden if he becomes the next president. He didn’t sound very optimistic about it.

“I am not sure about Biden’s policy on Israel, Iran, and Kashmir but I am sure there will be no change in America’s Afghan policy,” he said.

Reports that a possible Biden-Harris administration could be the most anti-Israel administration in American history, however, may please the Islamist leader. Senator Kamala Harris has long been a supporter of the Palestinians, and if she becomes Vice President, may undo years of hard work done by the Trump administration in normalizing relations between Israel and Middle Eastern countries.