Lin Wood: Jeffrey Epstein Case Will Likely Hurt Biden (REPORT)

( Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood made the shocking claim on Monday that the Jeffrey Epstein case, which is still ongoing, could bring down Democratic presidential candidate and “president-elect” Joe Biden.

On Monday, Wood suggested that the country had been distracted and forgotten about the Epstein case, saying it could even bring down Biden, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the Clintons, and possibly even former President Barack Obama.

“Wow. All of the focus on clear election fraud sure has distracted country from Jeffrey Epstein case. Man oh man. Epstein case could bring down Biden, Gates, Roberts, Clinton & others. Maybe even Obama,” he said.

“Sure wish Epstein was alive,” he added.

Wood added little in the way of context or information about how Epstein could bring down Biden, but it’s clear that the dead billionaire’s friendship with Gates, Clinton, and Obama could implicate the world-famous political and business figures in a sex abuse and trafficking case that goes back decades.

Perhaps the only recent reminder of the ongoing Epstein trial is the recent news that the billionaire’s long-time confidante and partner, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, claimed that her imprisonment was causing her hair to fall out.

Lawyers representing Maxwell claimed that she was also unable to access recreational facilities and was stopped from watching movies with other inmates, but the Federal Bureau of Prisons responded to the claims by describing how Maxwell is treated the same way as every other prisoner and has access to a wide range of facilities.

On Monday, Maxwell declared her innocence and even proposed a bail package of $22 million that would use armed guards outside of her home to ensure she wouldn’t escape from the law.

With Epstein’s history, however, it seems unlikely that the courts would accept those terms. Epstein famously committed suicide…or at least, we’re told he committed suicide…while on suicide watch in prison.

If Wood’s comments are accurate, we could be hearing more about Joe Biden’s relationship with Epstein and Maxwell in the coming months and years.