Michigan Democratic Governor Faces Possible Impeachment

(ConservativeUnit.com)- It’s been quite an eventful year for Michigan’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, and it may get even more eventful soon.

Three Republican members of the state’s House of Representatives have moved forward with formally proposing that the governor be impeached. This comes following Whitmer’s latest plan to enact new restrictions to prevent against the spread of the coronavirus.

On Wednesday, Representative Beau LaFave tweeted:

“Today I introduced Articles of Impeachment against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. The four articles of impeachment against Gov. Whitmer include failing to respect the separation of powers by exercising power granted to the legislative branch, violating the constitutional rights of the people of Michigan, issuing executive orders against the interests of the people and state, and using state resources to reward political allies.”

Representatives Daire Rendon and Matt Maddock joined LaFave in issuing the resolution. The trio claim the governor is guilty of “corrupt conduct in office and crimes and misdemeanors.

That follows Whitmer’s announcement Wednesday that the state will impose a three-week order that will limit social gatherings that are held indoors.

In total, Michigan has seen 303,000 confirmed coronavirus cases with more than 8,500 deaths. Recently, the state has seen a spike in cases that is four times greater than the first spike that happened in the spring.

That’s why Whitmer instituted the “Pause to save lives” order, which closed indoor dining at bars and restaurants. It also limits gatherings at residential homes to only two households at one time. This is in direct response to the Thanksgiving holiday next week.

Despite the three Republicans proposing impeachment, not everyone within their party agree with the move. House Speaker Lee Chatfield, for instance, said it’s a “distraction from the real things we have to get done in our state.”

He continued:

“We’re not the party that impeaches someone because we’re upset with policies that they’ve enacted. I thought it was shameful what the Democrats did to President Trump last year, and I would assume that any attempt by Republicans right now, with the current set of facts that we have to impeach the governor, would be on the same level.”

Chatfield as well as Mike Shirkey, the state Senate Majority Leader, said they weren’t happy with Whitmer’s new executive orders putting in further restrictions on daily life. Mainly, they were unhappy that the governor decided to institute these measures on her own without talking with the Legislature.

That being said, they both said they were hoping to be able to work with the governor in a “bipartisan way” in the future on restrictions and protections.

In a statement he released over the weekend, Chatfield said:

“As always, we stand ready to act in a bipartisan way when the governor decides it is worth her time. Until then, we are still reviewing the details of this order like everyone else.

“Right now, my focus is on negotiating with the administration, getting in a room with her and the Majority Leader. Where we actually set politics aside, and just figure out what we can agree on. I’m not one to let disagreement on one issue stop me from working with someone on another issue, nor am I someone that will allow a past quarrel to get in the way of sitting down and finding what areas of consensus we can reach.”