Nearly 70% Of GOP Expected To Join Trump Social Media Network

( Former President Donald Trump is apparently going to be starting his own social media network in the near future. The president has promised big results from it, but the question is how popular it will be with Americans.

According to a recent poll, the answer is that it’s going to be very popular.

A poll conducted by YouGov earlier this week asked people:

“How likely or unlikely would you be to use a new social media platform created by Donald Trump?”

The overwhelming response was that people had plans to use the site.

The overall poll found that 52% said they’d be “very unlikely” with 6% being “somewhat unlikely” to use his site. “Very likely” made up 20% of people’s responses, with 11% saying they’d be “somewhat likely.”

Most Republicans who responded to the poll, though, said they’d join Trump’s new social media site. Of the Republicans who were polled 50% said they’d be “very likely” to use Trump’s social media site, while another 19% said they’d be “somewhat likely.”

In total, then, 69% of all Republicans who responded to the poll would probably at least join Trump’s new social media site to check it out.

Democrats are a completely different story, though. Of those who responded to the poll, 71% said they’d be “very unlikely” and 5% said they’d be “somewhat unlikely” to join the site. That means that only 24% of Democrats who responded to the poll would be likely to join Trump’s new site.

Independents tended to respond more closely to Democrats, with 57% saying they’d be “very unlikely” and 6% “somewhat unlikely” to join the site.

What this poll may show is that while many Republicans are likely to follow the former president to the new social media site, it may not have the widespread appeal of the other major platforms — at least at first. Instead, it would likely be a partisan platform where only conservative viewpoints are shared.

For Trump, though, that would be OK. It would be a way for him to directly communicate with his millions of followers and build up his base. And that will be important as he seeks to exert his influence on the 2022 midterm elections in advance of a possible run for president again in 2024.

A professor of political communication at the University of Oxford, Rasmus Nielsen, told Newsweek that Trump’s new social media site could be effective in drawing in the “most committed” of the former president’s supporters. He said:

“Smaller platforms can be very effective for reaching the most committed supporters, who may be willing to join a platform or install an app simply because a politician they like is active there.”

At the same time, reaching out to those “less committed supporters” typically requires “reaching them on platforms they already use. So until some hypothetical point in the future where a Trump app has tens of millions of active users in the United States — which I don’t believe will ever happen — there is zero chance it can replicate the impact he has had across Facebook and Twitter.”

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