Newt Gingrich Says Increased Minority Turnout For GOP Could Help Win Georgia Runoffs

( Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich offered an optimistic view of the Republican Party’s chances of winning the Georgia Senate runoff election, as well as future presidential elections, citing the increased minority turnout for the party.

Speaking to Fox & Friends on Monday, Gingrich recounted how President Donald Trump won a larger Black and Latino vote in the 2020 presidential election than he did in the 2016 election. The president secured the biggest share of the minority vote than any modern Republican candidate, breathing life into the party and giving it a chance to survive well into the future.

“The Republican Party has consistently been doing better because, again, people who are earning a living, working hard tend to have an increasing bias towards us and towards lower taxes,” Gingrich explained.

“And you’ve had some two dozen African-American pastors come out and attack Raphael Warnock for being so rapidly pro-abortion and so willing to use tax money to pay for abortion,” he continued, referencing one of the many scandals Democratic Georgia Senate challenge Rev. Warnock is involved in.

“And I think that you’ll find that we do better or continue to do better with Asian, Latino, and African-American votes as it becomes obvious how radical, how high tax and, frankly, how high-unemployment the Democrats are,” he added.

Gingrich’s comments also detailed how minorities moving in greater numbers to the suburbs in recent years has changed the way elections work, explaining how former strongholds for the Republican Party are now leaning more to the left, while places like rural Georgia are just becoming more Republican.

He described how strong Republican voters are moving out to small towns, while people who previously lived in busy city centers are getting wealthier off the back of Trump’s economy and moving out to the suburbs. Gingrich also said that, with President Trump’s economy showing Black and Latino voters what strong Republican leadership can do for them, more minority voters are likely to turn Republican.

Georgia voters went to the polls on Thursday to cast votes in the Senate runoff election that will decide the control of the Senate and the future of the country. If Democrats win both seats, and if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do take the White House on January 20, then far-left politicians in the Democratic Party will control all three branches of government.

A lot rides on minority voters brave enough to break away from the Democratic Party and vote Republican!