Parler OVERTAKES Youtube And Tiktok, Surges As Twitter Censors Electoral Fraud Evidence

( Free speech social media platform Parler is surging again as Twitter continues its campaign to silence President Donald Trump and conservatives on its platform. As the president takes the fight for election integrity to the Supreme Court, virtually every single piece of evidence of voter fraud published on Twitter is labeled “disputed” by the social media giant.

Parler, which is owned by conservative commentator Dan Bongino, saw such a huge influx of new users that it overtook TikTok and YouTube on the Apple App Store and Google’s Play Store in the United States.

“This weekend we had the number one podcast in the country, the number one Facebook page in the country, and my social media alternative to twitter, Parler, was the number one app in the world,” Bongino said on November 9.

“Things are happening, and it’s ALL thanks to you.”

Parler now has a huge number of conservative pundits, Republican officials, and thousands of Trump supporters on the platform who are being shadowbanned and kicked off of Twitter entirely.

Parler remained on the top spot on the two main mobile app stores from Saturday to Monday.

The surge in users was so huge that between November 3 and November 8, there were almost one million new installations. It pushed Parler’s userbase up from roughly 2 million daily users to 3.6 million.

Bongino promised that as a result of the new influx of users, the team working on Parler would work to fix existing bugs on the app and make it as usable as possible, allowing it to become a true competitor to Twitter. The platform is easily the biggest alternative social media platforms, with various other attempts having already been kicked off the Apple and Google app stores.

Will you join Parler?