Pelosi Attacked For Letting Congress Members Wear Partisan Face Masks On House Floor

( Far-left Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was heavily criticized by a Republican congressman last week for allowing highly partisan face masks on the House floor.

Nancy Pelosi being partisan? Who would have thought it?

House Republican Study Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Banks said that Pelosi was allowing her congressional colleagues to wear facemasks on the House floor “that wouldn’t be allowed in a high school assembly hall.”

Pelosi appears to be breaking the rules, too. In 1996, new House rules were implemented that required members to wear normal business attire while on the House floor. This typically means wearing two or three-piece suits, ties, dress shirts, and sports coats.

In a letter dated December 4, Banks informed Pelosi of how Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas wore a face mask that displayed his campaign logo, which was an “obvious violation of the House’s prohibition on the use of official resources for campaign purposes.”

For someone who has been in the game for so long, you’d think Nancy Pelosi would know this stuff.

“All members are disallowed from wearing campaign pins on the House floor, and this is no different,” Banks said. “It also could be considered a violation of H. Res. 5, which prohibits the use of congressional broadcasts for partisan political purposes.”

Rep. Banks directed Pelosi to footage of Rep. Cuellar on C-SPAN wearing the mask on the House floor.

He also told Pelosi how Democratic Rep. Earl Blumenauer also wore a facemask that displayed imagery of marijuana leaves.

“Legality aside, it’s unbecoming for a House member to wear clothing that promotes the use of any recreational drugs on the House floor,” he said.

…how is asking politicians not to wear clothing that promotes drug use a controversial issue?

“It’s a clear violation of the House’s Code of Conduct, which prohibits all behavior that does not ‘reflect creditably on the House,’” he added.

Banks also described how under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership in the House, the “standards of decorum” went “out the window.”

“That happened on Nancy Pelosi’s watch, and I don’t see her doing much to make things better in her party,” he told the Epoch Times. “Ripping up the president’s speech and cutting the number of workdays in half doesn’t exactly set a high bar.”

Is Nancy Pelosi the most partisan House speaker in history?