Peter Navarro Says Parler Ban Is “Chilling” For Democracy

(ConservativeUnit)- American economist and Assistant to the President, Peter Navarro, called the banning of free speech social media platform Parler “chilling” and a “very serious threat” to democracy on Thursday during an interview on “Mornings with Maria” on Fox Business.

Navarro was referring to the shutting down of a social media platform created to offer a bias-free platform that allowed all users to post their thoughts without fear of censorship. Parler was pulled from the Google and Apple app stores in the wake of the tragic events of January when a small contingent of pro-Trump protesters stormed the Capitol Building.

Apple and Google used January 6 as an excuse to pull the platform, which is one of the biggest competitors to Twitter, claiming that protesters used the platform to organize. Since then, the FBI has confirmed that multiple social media platforms – including Twitter – were used to organize and recruit people to take part in the storming of the Capitol Building.

After the app was pulled from the app stores, Amazon then stepped in to revoke access to Amazon Web Services, meaning Parler is now also no longer available through browsers.

“What we saw with this attack on Parler was chilling to me,” Navarro said. “It’s one thing to deplatform everybody for free speech. But this was a pincer move where Google and Apple, the first part of the pincer, was to not allow Parler apps to be down.”

Navarro referred to Amazon’s decision to pull server access as a “brutal kill” to Parler, a “small company.”

“Effectively, Amazon wiped out that company,” he added.

Amazon is one of the biggest providers of servers to applications and big websites that see a lot of traffic. Without access to Amazon Web Services, platforms like Parler or fellow social media alternative Gab must purchase their own servers and hope that they are sufficient to handle the traffic.

As it stands, Parler has still not been able to find a company willing to host their site and it remains offline.

Navarro indicated that there must be a “heck of a lawsuit for damages,” and suggested that Congress must look “very carefully at this collusion because there is serious trust issue.”

But with the Joe Biden administration coming in on January 20, what hope do conservatives have in passing new legislation to stop the bias any time soon? The next opportunity for Republicans will be the 2022 midterms when many predict Republicans may be able to take the House.

Navarro reminded viewers that the Chinese Communist Party and former Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini are still allowed to tweet, but President Donald Trump and many other conservatives are not.

Looks like conservatives are facing a rocky few years without social media access…