Russian Hackers Hit Government Agencies (REPORT)

( After the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election finally concluded that the Democrats’ conspiracy theories were false, a new report this week gives us an insight into what real Russian hacking looks like.

Reuters reported on Sunday how the United States Department of Homeland Security, Department of Treasury and Commerce, and even the Defense Department were all breached as part of a Russian hacking campaign. On Monday, DHS and thousands of American businesses reportedly “scrambled” to investigate and respond to the massive hacking campaign that is believed to have come from the Russian government.

This is what real Russian interference looks like.

Sources familiar with the issue told Reuters on Monday that emails from DHS officials were monitored by the hackers, and Russians could have been monitoring accounts during the Obama administration.

A Pentagon spokesman said that for operational security reasons they don’t comment on “specific mitigation measures or specify systemS that may have been impacted.”

SolarWinds, a technology company that works with many of the federal government departments, was breached by Russian hackers. The company said that as many as 18,000 of their customers may have downloaded software compromised by hackers. Through updates to their software, hackers appear to have been given secret access to communications sent through computer systems.

On Sunday, the United States ordered all government users to disconnect their SolarWinds software in a first step towards resolving the problem and analyzing just how much data may have been compromised.

Another source familiar with the hacking scandal told the press that the critical network used by the Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity division had not been breached and that the hacking did not allow Russians to interfere with any election-related matters. That would mean, if it is true that the hacking occurred in the Obama administration, the latest development does not support Democrat conspiracy theories that the Russians colluded to get Trump elected.

And as a side note, if the Russians really wanted Trump in power, they would have used their hacking abilities to ensure a victory in 2020 also. It doesn’t look like they did…

The New York Post reported that hackers used their access sparingly, discriminating about who they chose to spy on during the years that the malware has been on government and business systems.

“What we see is far fewer than all the possibilities,” a source said. “They are using this like a scalpel.”

If the Russians have been hacking the U.S. government and businesses for years, who knows what they could have found out?

The question now is…what will Joe Biden, if he becomes the next president, even do about it?