Senate Democrats Block Resolution To Declare Border Crisis

( Democrats really don’t want the public to know that there’s a crisis on the southern border, with Senators blocking a resolution by Republican Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe which states the very clear and well-established fact that the massive increase in the number of illegal aliens crossing the southern border is a crisis.

Which it is.

Democrats rejected the resolution in the Senate, even though the Biden administration is opening new child detention facilities along the border and the number of children being held by Border Patrol hit 15,000 last weekend.

The Democrats also appear to be rejecting the general feeling of the American public, which, according to polls, is one of anger over the situation. A recent poll showed that 76% of Americans can see that the surge at the border is a huge problem, constitutes a crisis, and needs to be addressed immediately.

So far, all President Joe Biden has done is refuse to answer questions about it and announce that he’ll be sending Vice President Kamala Harris to meet with the leaders of South American nations to see if anything can be done about it.

Do the Democrats support illegal aliens storming the border or not?

Inhofe attempted to put the feeling of the majority of the American public in writing via the resolution, and said during a floor speech that President Biden is refusing to admit that it is a crisis.

“It’s obvious to just about everyone outside of Washington that the situation on our southern border is a crisis,” he said. “I can’t believe that anyone wouldn’t believe that it’s a crisis. But there are some who would answer that it isn’t a crisis…President Biden and the DHS Secretary refuse to call it a crisis.”

Inhofe said that the Biden administration is calling it a “challenge.”

Some 21 Republican senators got behind the resolution, which was put forward on the same day that GOP senators said they would be traveling to the border – somewhere President Biden refuses to go – to witness the crisis for themselves.

But don’t worry, everyone. President Biden said he’s confident that former Senator Kamala Harris can handle it better than President Trump did.

“I can think of nobody who is better qualified to do this,” he said about sending Harris to the border.

What about bringing in former President Trump to show Biden where they’re going wrong and how he dramatically reduced the number of illegal aliens pouring over the border for four years?