Super Rich 20-Year-Old Woman Arrested In NYC For Rioting, Smashing Windows

( A 20-year-old super rich woman from the Upper East Side of New York City was arrested on Friday in downtown Manhattan, and is accused of rioting, spraying graffiti, and smashing windows as part of a far-left “protest”.

Clara Kraebber is the daughter of a rich architect who works for Kindred Arch.Works, a company that has previously designed buildings for New York University and Columbia University. She is also the daughter of a child psychiatrist who teaches at Columbia University, according to a report from the New York Post.

Ultra-rich privileged white girls rioting for social justice. How cliched.

And yes, when we say rich, we mean rich. Kraebber’s family purchased their $1.8 million apartment on the 16th floor of a building on East End Avenue in 2016. They also own a property in Litchfield County, Connecticut, which dates back to 1730. It’s a luxury home with four living rooms.

Presumably, money doesn’t mean very much to Kraebber, as the damage caused by her and her friends in the city during their riot is understood to be worth around $100k. The damage was done primarily to businesses in the city, meaning people who are already struggling to stay afloat during lockdown in Manhattan will now be stuck with higher insurance rates or potentially even the cost of fixing damage if their insurance won’t cover it.

Will Kraebber offer her own personal riches to help the businesses she (allegedly) damaged during her protests?

Footage of the riots that she is understood to have taken part in show people wearing black clothes and masks shielding themselves with umbrellas while smashing windows with bricks. These people are members of Antifa. They cover their faces and engage in violent and destructive acts in the name of “social justice,” and are known as the “black bloc.”

Kraebber has been involved in street protests before, too. In 2014 when she was only 14 years old, she was interviewed by the New York Times. She was protesting with Black Lives Matter over the shooting of Michael Brown.

Kraebber is looking at up to four years in prison for her involvement in the violent riots.