The Pope Defends Extremist BLM While Attacking Anti-Lockdown Protesters

( Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic church, inexplicably defended extremist Marxist organization Black Lives Matter in his new book “Let Us Dream.” In the book, the Pope defended the protests that took place over the summer and into the fall, while at the same time denouncing those who took to the streets to oppose COVID-19 lockdown measures.

In “Let Us Dream,” Pope Francis promoted the “systemic racism” conspiracy theory that argues police officers in the United States are hunting and murdering black people. Fox News reported that the Pope said about the theory, “Abuse is a gross violation of human dignity that we cannot allow and which we must continue to struggle against.”

When discussing anti-lockdown protests, however, the Pope said that people were working against measures that were imposed by governments “for the good of their people.” He claimed that the protests, which were intended to stop the government from forcing small and medium-sized businesses to close down potentially for good, were a “political assault on autonomy or personal freedom.”

His comments about the Black Lives Matter protests were very direct, too. In fact, he compared the BLM protests with the anti-lockdown protests, suggesting that anti-lockdown activists were opposing the protection of life.

“You’ll never find such people protesting the death of George Floyd, or joining a demonstration because there are shantytowns where children lack water or education,” he claimed. “They turned into a cultural battle what was in truth an effort to ensure the protection of life.”

The head of the Catholic Church really just labeled millions of Americans as uncaring about children who don’t have access to safe cleaning water.

It comes after footage was revealed showing Pope Francis meeting NBA players to discuss their social justice work.

The Pope received gifts from the NBA players and thanked them for their “Individual and collective efforts” in social justice. He also used the media attention to speak favorably about the BLM protests that erupted into violence, arson, and mass destruction over the summer.