Tom Fitton Says Trump Might Get A Second Term After Election Challenges

( Prominent lawyer Tom Fitton, who is the founder of Judicial Watch, said during a Fox Business interview this week that President Donald Trump could still be headed towards a second term is congressional Republicans get behind Senator Josh Hawley’s objections to the Electoral College vote.

Fitton discussed how Senate Republicans now have the power to use the overwhelming evidence of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election to reject the Electoral College vote, that granted former Vice President Joe Biden the 270 votes he needs to become the next president…despite several battleground states’ results still being in dispute.

On January 6, a joint session of Congress will decide whether or not to accept the Electoral College vote. Roughly 150 Republican members of the House of Representatives are expected to object to the results, but Senator Josh Hawley so far appears to be one of just a handful of Senators discussing the possibility of doing the same.

Hawley issued a statement on December 30 saying he will object on the grounds of election fraud and millions of voters being concerned about election integrity.

Hawley will then be allowed to debate the issue of election fraud, which is supported by huge quantities of evidence, in the hope of convincing Republican Senators to also object to the Electoral College vote. Should this happen – and it’s still a long shot – then the decision of which candidate should become the next president will be thrown to the House.

And in the House, Republicans control more state delegations that Democrats, meaning President Donald Trump would likely win.

Fitton explains the process in great detail, so it is well worth a watch. With just days to go until this crucial vote, President Donald Trump and his lawyers have a real job on their hands to convince Republican Senators to stand up for election integrity and to take the evidence of election fraud seriously.