Top Biden Ally Caught Red Handed

( Another day, another report of Chinese influence on the Biden administration. This time it comes from the National Pulse, which revealed this week that the newest hire at Biden’s National Economic Council is a “Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researcher who spoke at a Chinese government-backed conference alongside a fellow professor recently indicted by the Department of justice for secretly advising Chinese Communist Party officials.”

Well…that doesn’t sound good.

According to the outlet, the conference formed part of a wider relationship between China and MIT. A Chinese Communist Party district government reportedly paid for technological advice from MIT.

Elisabeth Reynolds, the latest hire, will join Samantha Silverberg, a former administrator at the transit authority of Boston and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau administrator Leandra English at the NEC.

Reuters had a radically different take on the appointment, describing how the new hires “point toward infrastructure, manufacturing emphasis.”

But search the article and you won’t find a single reference to China or Reynolds’s attendance at the Shanghai conference.

In 2017, the MIT Industrial Performance Center bragged about the conference, writing, “IPC Executive Director, Elisabeth Reynolds, Associate Provost Karen Gleason, and other speakers participated at the MIT China Conference held in Yangpu District, Shanghai.”

The conversation, which was positively covered by Chinese newspaper “Shanghai Daily,” reportedly focused on innovation and collaboration between MIT and “local” companies. Ie, Chinese companies.

Shouldn’t collaboration between China and MIT be a cause for concern for the president?

Not only is China preparing to develop the largest and most technologically advanced army in the world, but agents working for the Chinese state regularly steal technology and trade secrets from the United States. Gang Chen, an MIT researcher, was recently indicted after taking U.S. federal research grants while also “promoting China’s technological and scientific development by providing advice and expertise-sometimes directly to Chinese government officials-and often in exchange for financial compensation.”

The Department of Justice indicted Chen and says that since 2012 he has fed information back to the Chinese Communist Party as an “overseas expert.”

MIT and the Chinese Communist Party have reportedly collaborated on robotics, medical big data, intelligent manufacturing, traffic data analysis, and urban infrastructure.

What exactly does China have on Joe Biden for him to repeatedly make it easy for their Chinese government to take advantage of the United States?