Trump Admin Arrested HUNDREDS Of Dangerous MS-13 Gang Members In First Term

( Since taking office in 2017, President Donald Trump has seen an unprecedented increase in arrests of violent gang members. New data from the Department of Justice shows that the Trump administration has arrested 600 members of the dangerous MS-13 gang, with the overwhelming majority of those being illegal aliens.

A new report from the Justice Department explains the actions taken by the agency to combat the gang, which is based in El Salvador and is responsible for several murders on American soil. The gang is known for his violence, drug smuggling, and even murdering people for sport.

The report explains how 749 MS-13 gang members have been charged with crimes since 2016, with over 500 of those having occurred since the president took office in 2017. 378 gang members have been convicted since this time, with 37 now serving life sentences. A further 154 MS-13 gang members have been sentenced to more than 61 months in federal prison, showing just how tough a line the Trump administration has taken on illegal aliens and gang members who cross the southern border.

The rapid increase in arrests came after the president signed an executive order in February 2017 that made the federal government do more to dismantle and tackle transnational crime organizations. MS-13 was one of the organizations listed as part of that order, and it resulted in the Department of Justice working more closely with several other federal agencies to take them down.

Attorney General William Barr also played a significant role in increasing the number of arrests, creating a task force in August 2019 that focused entirely on stopping MS-13 in the United States. The task force worked with officials from Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, and El Salvador.

In a statement, Attorney General Barr said that the president directed the Justice Department to go to war with the gang, “and we did just that.”

Since 2016, the DOJ says that 74% of gang members were illegal aliens. A further 3% were legally living in the United States, but 15% had “unknown” status.