Trump BEATING Biden In National Polls…Even From the Hospital!

( Even while recovering in the Walter Reed National Medical Center, President Donald Trump managed to beat Joe Biden in a national poll. With the Democratic nominee finally heading out to more in-person events, and the President of the United States stuck inside a hospital, a poll from the Democracy Institute and Sunday Express showed the president leading by one point.

Some 46% of likely voters questioned in the poll said that they supported President Trump, with 45% putting their support behind Joe Biden.

Unlike many other polls, this one asked only likely voters to respond. Oftentimes, polls showing Joe Biden with a substantial lead over the president ask registered voters which candidate they prefer. This presents a problem in that it doesn’t take into account the likelihood that voters may not feel compelled to vote for either candidate on the day.

The Democracy Institute poll asked 1,500 likely voters about their intentions between September 30 and October 2, which included one day of the president being stuck in the hospital.

These also happened to be the days following the first presidential debate on September 29, giving us an insight into how voters responded to the first clash between Trump and Biden.

The numbers are good news for President Trump. Just like in 2016, the Republican candidate has been swamped with polls commissioned by left-wing media organizations that oversample Democrats and ask registered voters their intentions, rather than likely voters. It shows that the president is performing well on a national basis, not just in swing states, meaning he even has a chance of winning the popular vote this time around.

With four weeks to go until the election, however, lots could change. The president’s recovery will be key to the campaign now, as Vice President Mike Pence and other campaign surrogates pick up the slack.

If President Trump does not recover in time, he may not be able to take part in the second presidential debate – though all indications so far suggest that the president is recovering well.

The Real Clear Politics Average of Polls had Biden with a 7.6% lead over President Trump nationally, by including various other polls that ask registered voters. However, another poll from TIPP/IBD that was released on Friday shows Biden with just a three-point lead over the president nationally. A Saturday Zogby Poll report also showed Biden with just two percentage points over the president.

Biden could well win the national vote, but with a race so close, the president could well be on track to another victory…as long as campaigners and voters don’t get complacent!