Trump Tells White House Audience He Will Be Back In 4 Years If He Loses

( President Donald Trump told attendees of a Christmas Party at the White House on Tuesday night that if he doesn’t succeed with his legal battles before inauguration day, then he’ll be back to fight again in four more years.

According to the Associated Press, President Trump told attendees that it has been an “amazing four years.”

“We’re trying to do another four years,” he added, in reference to lawsuits that are ongoing in several battleground elections. “Otherwise, I’ll see you in four years.”

It’s an admission by the president that winning the election is still not a guarantee, given that election results have been certified in many states already despite legitimate claims of election fraud and misconduct.

During the same event, President Trump also celebrated the great success of Operation Warp Speed. The president has overseen the quickest development of a vaccine for a novel virus in history, helped along by his stripping back of regulatory barriers and huge investment from federal funds.

Footage from the Christmas party was streamed live on Facebook by Oklahoma GOP national committeewoman Pam Pollard. In the video, the president can be heard describing widespread election fraud and how Biden’s win was fraudulent.

“It’s certainly an unusual year,” he said. “We won an election, but they don’t like that. I call it a rigged election, and I always will.”

The president also reportedly asked attendees if they had been watching the “fraud hearings,” referencing the evidentiary hearings already hosted in Pennsylvania and Arizona by his legal team.

In Arizona, the Trump legal team brought forward several witnesses of misconduct in the counting of the ballots and also presented evidence from statisticians. The evidence showed that, without any doubt, thousands of votes were illegally cast in just one county in Arizona.

“Honestly, this is a disgrace,” the president said during his speech on the White House grand staircase.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump released a speech on his social media in which he promised to fight until every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is discounted.

And if the president’s legal team is unable to ensure that only the legal ballots are counted this time, it sounds like he’ll be back to fight again in 2024.

The only question is…will the election system still be compromised by then?