Trump’s Defense Team Exposes Maxine Waters On Camera

( Former President Donald Trump’s legal team turned the tables on the Democrats on Friday, exposing some of the most egregious examples of left-wing politicians advocating for, or inciting, violence against Republicans.

After the Democrats spend days slamming the former president for using the word “fight” when encouraging his supports to stand up for democracy, Trump’s attorneys played a series of video clips of Democrats in that very room using the word “fight,” too.

In the clip, which went on for 13 minutes, a number of high-profile Washington Democrats could be heard urging their supporters to “fight,” too.

The video is incredible, and completely destroys the argument used by Democrats that says former President Donald Trump is guilty of inciting an insurrection for telling his supporters to “fight like hell.”

Among those in the video played by the legal team were far-left Senator Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Maxine Waters, and even Vice President Kamala Harris.

Democrats also used edited footage in the hearing which conveniently cut off before the president told supporters on January 6 to march “peacefully and patriotically.”

But instead of backing down and realizing they were in the wrong after being reminded that Democrats use the word “fight” all the time, the left-wing press came to their defense and described how Trump’s legal team was “ridiculed” for the video.


“Lawyers for Donald Trump were condemned by Democrats and ridiculed by critics on Friday, after they showed the Senate impeachment trial a video which sought to compare remarks on the campaign trail and in support of protests against systemic racism with Trump’s incitement of the attack on the US Capitol on 6 January,” The Guardian reported.

The article made the false presumptions that President Trump incited the riot, which the evidence shows he did not, and that the Democrats were fighting systemic racism…which the evidence shows does not exist.

The Guardian claimed that the words were “taken out of context,” while failing to recognize that this was precisely the point the Trump legal team was making.

If Democrats can take the president’s words out of context, then Democrats’ words can be taken out of context, too.

Former President Donald Trump is expected to be acquitted, as the Senate does not have the votes necessary to convict him.