Trump’s Lawyer Jenna Ellis Tests Positive For COVID

( Attorney Jenna Ellis, who represents President Donald Trump, has reportedly told her associates that she has tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus. The news was reported by Axios on Tuesday, citing multiple sources knowledgeable on the matter.

Ellis’ reported diagnosis comes as the White House West Wing gets anxious about a senior staff party held on Friday, which Jenna attended. Sources told Axios that White House officials are nervous about the possibility of the virus spreading through various members of staff and to high-ranking officials.

It remains unclear whether Ellis was infected with the virus when she attended the party, and Ellis, as of Tuesday, did not confirm that she had tested positive for the virus.

A senior White House official told the outlet that people brought their families to the White House staff party.

The news also comes after former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who also represents President Donald Trump, was diagnosed with the virus. Giuliani, who is 76 years old, is in a higher risk bracket and was therefore hospitalized as a precautionary measure.

On Tuesday, Giuliani tweeted that he was feeling strong and recovering quickly, and was set to be discharged from the hospital.

While Ellis has not publicly confirmed that she has tested positive for the virus, she has continued posting on social media with updates on the legal case being put forward by the president and his team. Ellis is working two routes that could give the president a second term in the White House, including a judiciary route that will require the intervention of the Supreme Court, and a legislative route that will require the cooperation of state senators who have witnessed huge amounts of evidence of voter fraud in the election.

Ellis has not responded to requests for comment from Axios or other journalists.

Isn’t it incredible that President Trump’s lawyers, despite testing positive for COVID-19, are continuing their case and working towards protecting the integrity of the election regardless?

With presidential electors set to chosen very seen, and the Electoral College meeting coming up on December 14, time is running out to ensure that the election is not won by the Democrats based on widespread fraud in at least five battleground states.