Tucker Carlson Releases New BOMBSHELL Hunter Biden Audiotapes, Reveals Biden Associates Are SCARED

(ConservativeUnit.com)- Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson released new bombshell audio tapes proving that associates of the Biden family are concerned about the continued release of information and emails that suggest former Vice President Joe Biden made corrupt business deals while in office.

On Wednesday night, Carlson told viewers that he was about to play an audiotape of a conversation between Rob Walker and James Gilliar, two of the Biden family business partners. The tape was recorded during a discussion with Tony Bobulinski, the former Hunter Biden business partner who recently came forward to say that Joe Biden was intimately aware of business deals his son and brother were making.

“They’re discussing how very worried they are that this story, the one we’re talking about now, would emerge into the press, that it would become public,” Carlson said. “And they wanted to figure out how to handle the fallout from that. This audio is very new.”

In the tape, Walker can be heard saying, “I just think that if somebody comes out now and verifies the story, it blows up big time. That’s all.”

The comment suggests that Walker knows there are people out there who can verify the story – specifically, the story that Joe Biden was intimately familiar with the business deals made by his family, and that they were based on foreign businesses gaining access to the sitting vice president.

James Gilliar responded by saying that one of the three on the call had qualified the story.

“We’ve got this situation now where it’s escalating again because somebody, allegedly one of us three, has qualified the story, and already it’s back on the front pages,” he said.

You can listen to the audio below.

Carlson said that on the same call, Bobulinski pleaded with the two men to tell the truth – something he also said during an interview with Carlson the night before.

The Fox News anchor then also played a clip of Bobulinski describing how Biden was selling the family name and that the only reason the Chinese were interested is because he was the Vice President of the United States.

“He was there because he was selling his family’s name and that’s the whole reason why the Chinese were there,” Bobulinski can be heard saying.

“The Chinese would have never been there if the Biden name wasn’t there. They were there for exactly what people are saying they were there for. Let’s be honest with each other,” he added.

Is this why Joe Biden has gone back to his basement for the last few days of the campaign?