WATCH: Biden FINALLY Takes A Tough Media Question, It Doesn’t Go Well

( It seems that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is finally realizing that he can’t avoid tough questions forever, and during a recent rate press conference he attempted to slip away without getting any tough questions. When journalist Peter Doocy from Fox News was relentless in his questioning, Biden conceded and stayed to listen.

“You said that you warned President Trump in January that there was going to be a pandemic and what needed to be done,” Doocy said to Biden. “If you know that, then why were you still hosting crowded campaign rallies in March?”

The question is a good one, and the statement is true. Since initially calling President Trump’s decision to stop travel from China during the very early days of the outbreak “xenophobic,” Biden has attempted to paint himself as an expert on controlling pandemics. He’s even suggested that he was “warning” the president about the potential for an outbreak in the United States when the evidence suggests otherwise.

Biden responded to the question in his usual rambling way. He said something different than what he says during speeches when nobody can challenge him and said he actually warned the president to take the pandemic seriously. As if he wasn’t already.

You can see it in the footage below.

Journalist Caleb Hull noted how Biden had no response to the question and instead tried to deflect in a long rambling response, and that it was the only challenging question he answered that wasn’t hand-picked by his staff.

The Daily Wire also published a list of seven instances of Joe Biden making recommendations to the president for things that his administration had already done.

One such example was Biden calling for coronavirus tests to be made free nine days after President Trump had already signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Then, Biden called for coronavirus testing to be made available nationally, some 12 days after President Trump said testing was available in every state. Then, he called for “cooperation” between states and the federal government, despite several Democrat governors praising the president for working closely with them already.

Biden even said he supported barring travel from China into the United States, two whole months after Trump implemented the rule and Biden called him xenophobic for it.

Is the whole 2020 Democratic campaign one big gaslighting effort?