WH Press Secretary Under Biden Evades Questions About Number Of Biden’s Executive Orders

(ConservativeUnit.com)- Either the new White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is not very good at her job, or she really doesn’t want to answer questions about President Joe Biden’s hypocritical executive actions.

Or perhaps it’s both.

Psaki avoided a question about President Joe Biden’s record-beating number of executive orders signed in his first week in office. Some three dozen executive orders have already been signed and it looks like there might be more on the way.

Press Secretary Psaki was asked about the scandal, specifically with reference to Biden’s campaign promise to “restore unity.”

What part of signing three dozen executive orders sounds like “unity” to them?

Associated Press reporter Alexandra Jaffe asked precisely that, and didn’t get a real answer.

“Since Biden has gotten into office, he’s been acting largely unilaterally,” the reporter said. “I mean we saw record breaking number of executive orders, he has not yet met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill, we are not even quite sure who he’s talking to on Capitol Hill…does the White House believe this is the best way to make policy?”

A great question…but not one that deserves an answer, apparently.

Jaffe also reminded Psaki that ruling unilaterally means that the next president can simply undo all of President Biden’s work with the flick of a pen…just as easily as President Biden signed away tens of thousands of American jobs with the flick of a pen by cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Psaki responded by simply listing the executive orders Biden had signed…and gave no answer about who Biden is talking to on Capitol Hill, or why he is signing executive orders after claiming during his campaign that ruling by executive fiat is a dictatorship.

You can see her non-answer for yourself in the clip below.

Democrats and media pundits have repeatedly called President Donald Trump a dictator, or implied that he is a dictator, over the last four years,

Despite their claims, the evidence shows that the new president and his administration much prefers executive action over the former President.

During the first week of the Trump administration, only four executive orders were signed. That’s one less than President Barack Obama.

Jen Psaki probably wouldn’t have an answer for that disparity if you asked her, either.