Woman On Death Row Asks Donald Trump For Help

(ConservativeUnit.com)- As President Donald Trump comes to the end of his first term as president, the lawyers of the only woman remaining on federal death row called on him to grant her clemency.

Lisa Montgomery’s petition was filed just minutes before a federal appeals court ruled to allow her January 12 execution to be moved forward.

The woman’s lawyers explained the domestic and sexual abuse that she received during her youth, and asked that Montgomery be sentenced to life in prison instead of execution. Attorneys also referenced Montgomery’s alcoholic mother who drank during her pregnancy, which may have been included on the basis that President Donald Trump has personal experience with how alcoholism can destroy lives.

The president famously doesn’t drink, and his brother Fred Trump Jr., died of a heart attack causes by alcoholism in 1981.

Montgomery’s lawyers explained that the way she was treated by her mother and stepsister was “cruel and sadistic,” and cited the time she beat the family dog to death in front of her children. They also explained how she was molested by her stepfather from the age of 11, and that the molestation eventually turned into gang rape. Montgomery’s mother would, according to her lawyers, have her friends pay to have sex with her daughter.

Montgomery was convicted of murdering a 23-year-old pregnant woman by the name of Bobbie Jo Stinnett back in 2004. She cut the fetus out of Stinnett’s womb using a kitchen knife and then tried to raise the child as her own. Thankfully the child survived and was returned to its father.

Lawyers think that Montgomery’s traumatic childhood was a good enough reason for President Donald Trump to intervene and stop her from being executed…but does that seem likely to you?

“Our case for clemency and mercy is different from every other petition President Trump has seen,” the lawyers said. “No other person who committed this crime is on death row or scheduled for federal execution…and we have a history of trauma and torture unlike any case President Trump has seen or will see.”

Would President Donald Trump make this one of his final acts as president, presuming Joe Biden becomes the next president on January 20?